Medication Organizing Service

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Medication management is the practice of safely administering the proper medicationsat the dosage recommended by your physician. While this might sound like common sense, many people with complex regimens of medication can easily forget, swap, or otherwise improperly dose themselves.

Here are a few simple steps we do that can help keep better track of their medication schedules:

  • Using a Pill Organizer – Using large print, compartments that are easy to open and close and the right amount of sections for the various doses taken throughout the day.
  • Setting a Schedule – Making pills a part of the daily routine, taken at the same times in the same place, is the best way to make the right schedule a habit.
  • Color-coded schedule – For persons who are visually or cognitively impaired, organizing medications into colored containers coordinated with a color-coded daily schedule can make meds easier to identify and
  • Creating a “medication station” – Keep all medications in one place. It may seem more convenient to keep some by the bedside, some in the kitchen or the bathroom, etc., according to where and when you need them, but having a designated spot will help make on-schedule meds a habit and routine.
  • Setting alarms – Use a timer with multiple, programmable alarms that can only be turned off manually. If your senior uses a smartphone, computer or tablet, program reminder alarms to ring throughout the day.
  • Making a written chart or checklist – A written chart that shows which medications to take and when to take them is a visual record that can help make sure all meds are being taken appropriately and can identify patterns of missed doses.

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