Hospice Service

Changing Lives, One Home at a Time.

It’s important for a patient to discuss hospice care options with their doctor. Sometimes, people don’t begin hospice care soon enough to take full advantage of the help it offers. Perhaps they wait too long to begin hospice and they are too close to death. Or, some people are not eligible for hospice care soon enough to receive its full benefit. Starting hospice early may be able to provide months of meaningful care and quality time with loved ones.

  • Provides needed medications, medical supplies, and equipment.
  • Assists the patient with the emotional and psychosocial and spiritual aspects of dying.
  • Coaches the family on how to care for the patient
  • Patients are cared for as long as you meet the hospice’s criteria of an illness with a life expectancy of months, not years.

We are here with the care that is right for you.